Fall CopperTree IT Newsletter 2016


Fall CopperTree IT Newsletter 2016


Fall CopperTree IT Newsletter 2016


Viruses, Hackers & Phishers – Oh My!

There are so many different email scams, Phishing attacks and malicious software that are encrypted with a virus, being used today. Being on top of the “tell tale” signs, is critical. A good motto to use is:
“when in doubt – don’t open it – delete it”!

Check out our Tip Sheet to help defend your computers against these technical predators.


Is Your Reputation at Risk by outdated IT?

Many small and mid size companies have legacy systems grafted onto other legacy systems that can cause major unforeseen issues.  Antiquated technology has plagued many companies and significantly affected their reputation and bottom line, far more than what it would have cost them to have kept their technology current and checked. Can you afford NOT to update or maintain your IT?

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your I.T. Support

Having your IT support outsourced provides you 24 hour peace of mind, knowing you have a highly skilled team monitoring and working on your behalf.  This becomes especially important if your system crashes just before Christmas and your IT personnel are away and suppliers closed!

Check out the benefits to outsourcing with us


CopperTree Solutions offers a FREE 2-hour, no obligation IT review to provide you with our professional insight.

To find out how CopperTree Solutions can quickly customize your IT systems to address your company’s individualized needs call us today at (519) 804-2461 or email us at Colin.Shantz@ctsol.ca

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