Hourly Contractors Verses Managed IT Services


Hourly Contractors Verses Managed IT Services

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Hourly Contractors Verses Managed IT Services

In almost every case, businesses that change to the one flat and predictable monthly fee with Managed IT Services reap great savings and multiple benefits.

Cost Savings – The #1 Reason for Changing!

Resource One Inc. calculated the annual IT costs of companies who switched from an hourly rate contractor to Managed IT Services. According to their research, companies who switched to Managed IT Services found significant savings. 

  • 13 percent cut annual IT costs by an incredible 50 percent or more
  • 46 percent cut annual IT costs by 25 percent or more
  • 50 percent cut annual IT costs up to 24 percent 

Almost half of all companies who switch to Managed IT Services saved a phenomenal quarter of their IT costs each year!

Major savings is just the start of the many benefits of using Managed IT Services:

  • CopperTree Solutions offers a range of IT support services and packages that are flexible and designed for your current and future needs.  We are pro-active.
  • We provide remote Day-to-Day Service plus have your network monitored 24/7.
  • CopperTree’s technical team, have up-to-date detailed knowledge of your network, equipment, inner workings and maintenance. 
  • We help develop and maintain your own service infrastructure plus offer Cloud services.
  • Our company conducts scheduled network maintenance, plus software and security updates.
  • Share the risk burdenBy outsourcing, you offload some of your infrastructural risk.
  • Free up your internal resources and allocate elsewhere.
  • Access to data management expertise – Our team provides access to high levels of technology and resources helping you stay competitive.
  • Saves valuable time Major issues, like a crash, fire or flood often happen at the worst possible time.  What do you do if you need new equipment over stat holidays, or have to move your office abruptly due to a catastrophe?  Getting up and running quickly with a backup plan and security measures, is just one of our specialties. 
  • Enjoy the reduction of customer and employee frustrations due to disruptions and downtime. Have customized apps designed to enhance your company’s performance, business transactions and tracking.
  • Improve your customer care experience with improved internal efficiencies.
  • Downtime = loss productivity = loss $’s

Our CopperTree Solutions team can evaluate and provide the process, timeline and budget for your current and future needs, then take care of the conversion, backup, monitoring, security and maintenance of your IT systems, providing you with peace of mind 24/7.

Call 519-804-2461 or email us at Colin.Shantz@ctsol.ca