July CopperTree IT Newsletter 2016


July CopperTree IT Newsletter 2016


July CopperTree IT Newsletter 2016

Are you protecting your Data?

  1. Passwords are a must
  2. Keep track of important information
  3. Software security is critical
  4. Always have a backup plan

Consider this…

  1. We are continuing to do more shopping and banking online
  2. Your data can be explicitly collected
  3. How big is your online footprint?
  4. Complete privacy is difficult and very expensive
  5. Do you understand the risks?


Anti-Virus Software

In the middle ages, industrious castle builders protected their wares with high walls and moats to keep the robbers at bay. Today’s busy companies face the same risks from raiders and their wares are still at risk.

Unfortunately simply building a high wall is not enough to keep sophisticated hackers from gaining access to your precious resources. These hackers are ever present at the door and they are always trying new ways to get in, which means that companies must continually update their defenses. And if a company gets distracted from defending the wall for just a moment, the hackers will pounce.

Anti-virus software is the first step in building a defense against these high-tech marauders, but it doesn’t end there. Having an IT Management partner like CopperTree Solutions ensures that your defenses stay strong and ahead of potential threats. Don’t get left in the dark while your business is emptied of its valuable resources.


Building a Strong Defense

CopperTree Solutions work in partnership with industry clients to implement innovative and cost-effective solutions that maximize the overall effectiveness of the IT assets thereby creating a consistent and sustainable budget.

CopperTree Solutions provide a dedicated team of industry experts for the entire IT solution. Our integration means a consistent way of monitoring, measuring, reporting and benchmarking our service provision. We manage the necessary resources to drive productivity and efficiency across all service lines and ensure that quality standards are met with full visibility, both operationally and financially.

To find out how CopperTree Solutions can quickly customize your IT systems to address your company’s individualized needs call us today at (519) 804-2461 or email us at Colin.Shantz@ctsol.ca

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