Security Protection Tips For Your Internal and Remote Workforce

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Security Protection Tips For Your Internal and Remote Workforce

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Security Protection Tips For Your Internal and Remote Workforce

As the number of off-site workers continues to increase, so are the data breach and malware exploitations. Check out our tips to assist in protecting your valuable data.

Trust No One

Data falling into the wrong hands, even if that person is an employee, can lead to a disaster no matter the kind of data. Designing your networks with a zero-trust model keeps your data under lock and key, except for those authorized users that require access and use.  Not all users on your network need access to every component. It is easier to grant permissions after verification than to take away access after a potential compromise. Users who connect to your network do not need visibility or access to assets past what they need to complete their tasks.

Security Awareness Training

Make security awareness training a part of each employee requirement, regardless of their position. Whether you sign up for training from a third-party company or develop one internally, security training will help get every employee into the mindset of what is expected of them to protect the company, assets and equipment. This gets them into the mindset of securing all devices at work or in use off-site.

Two-Factor Authentication

A secure password isn’t enough these days. While security plans might call for quarterly password updates often users take the path of least resistance to update their newest password. This predictable behavior can be safeguarded through a two-factor authentication (2FA) setup. If a password is compromised, the dual-factor authentication keeps the attempted access at bay while notifying both the user and IT admin of suspicious activity.  Whether you use a token key or a mobile phone setup, both forms of 2FA provide an additional level of security to often-compromised passwords.

Contingency Plans

Chances are, a device is going to get lost. Someone is going to connect to that free coffee shop Wi-Fi or use a thumb drive. And all of this will be despite the hours of education and training. The world of convenience and curiosity will always override security training, so you need a contingency plan in place. Deploy solutions that provide the capability to quickly lockout machines, remove cloud access, and remotely wipe stolen devices.

No perfect security plan exists. Workforces will continue to expand beyond office walls, and you must accept that your security approach must evolve with your roaming employees. Building a foundation with the above-mentioned steps can set your organization up for a successful growth strategy as your workforce changes.

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