Disaster Prevention and Recovery Should Be Your Business’s Number-One Priority.

Disasters occur every day—Storms, floods, earthquakes, fires, as well as disastrous cyber viruses that can hold your data hostage. 

But, did you know? —The most common business disaster of all is when employees accidentally delete data?

If you don’t make plans for these disasters, your data and your business are at risk.   

Why is this? — Because you’ll lose your data, or the ability to access it!

  • Manmade disasters, like data deletions, and computer viruses, affect 10% of all small businesses.
  • 30% are harmed by natural disasters each year.
  • An unfortunate 43% never reopen after a disaster.
  • An astounding 51% close within two years.

This is why CopperTree’s Disaster Prevention and Recovery should be your number-one priority. Contact us to learn more.  (519) 804-2461 Colin.Shantz@ctsol.ca

People Make Mistakes: Have you ever experienced a computer crash before you could save that important file you were working on? Even the most cautious people can forget a step that results in data loss. CopperTree’s Disaster Prevention and Recovery ensures you can easily restore your files to an error-free state.

Machines and Hardware Can Fail: No technology is perfect, and no company is immune to hard disk or tape backup failure. CopperTree’s Disaster Prevention and Recovery is the most ideal, cost effective way to protect your business’s IT.

Your Clients Expect Perfection: With today’s enhanced technologies, businesses must be more accountable and competitive. With increased competition come less forgiving clients if your business can’t perform. Your clients demand quality service, and they know that if your company can’t provide it, a competitor will. If your business is down due to a data disaster, you can say good-bye to your clients.

Client Retention Can Be Costly, But Reacquiring Clients is Even More Expensive: On average, it’s much cheaper to retain a client then to acquire a new one. Reacquiring an old client following an IT disaster can be difficult, and it takes a lot to earn the trust of a new client. It’s much less costly to prevent an IT disaster in the first place by using CopperTree’s Disaster Prevention and Recovery, than it is to reacquire lost clients after a data disaster has occurred.

There’s simply no excuse for you to delay.  You must have a proper IT Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan in place. And CopperTree is your go-to IT Provider for the best solution in Ontario. To learn more, or for a complimentary IT Assessment, call (519) 804-2461, or email us at Colin.Shantz@ctsol.ca.

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