IoT Devices Get Cyber Threats just like Computers

Warning! Installing an IoT-ready security camera or outfitting a crucial production system with IoT technology can put a business in harm’s way.

In 2018, security researchers at SEC Consult revealed that millions of security cameras and other video surveillance equipment could be easily hijacked by cybercriminals. A few days later, numerous PlayStation 4 (PS4) owners reported that their gaming consoles were crashing after receiving a malicious message on them.

These events might seem unrelated, but they are the result of a common problem: inadequate security in devices that connect to the web, which are referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These devices connect to the Internet to transmit and receive data. Some products have IoT technology built into them, like security cameras and gaming consoles. In other cases, IoT technology is added to existing equipment or systems like heating and cooling systems.

Many Companies do not realize they need to protect their IoT devices from cyberattacks. Businesses taking advantage of IoT devices need to know about the security risks they can pose and how to mitigate those risks.

Protecting Your IoT Devices

Although steps are being taken to encourage IoT device manufacturers to build more secure devices, many IoT devices have been and will continue to be built with no security features in place. If these devices are not secured properly, they can put a company at risk, especially when they are connected to the network that hosts the business’s critical data and applications.

Companies need to secure their IoT devices, just like they secure the computers. Here are several good starting points to build your defence:

  • Use a virtual private network (VPN) if remote access to the IoT devices is required.
  • Change all IoT device’s default password to a unique, strong one.
  • Disable features that are not being used on your IoT devices.
  • Place the IoT devices behind firewalls so they do not connect directly to the Internet.
  • Isolate your IoT devices from the business network.
  • Install patches or upgrades when the manufacturer provides them.
  • Include IoT devices in IT policies.

If your business is using any IoT devices, we can determine whether they are posing a risk to your business and help develop a comprehensive strategy to protect them from cybercriminals.

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