Our Network Consulting and Implementation Helps You Save Money and Compete More Effectively.

If you’re like other business owners or managers in Ontario, you’re extremely budget-conscious, and you evaluate every aspect of your business for potential cost savings. One way to save costs is by outsourcing your Network Consulting and Implementation to CopperTree.

We employ a group of expert IT Consultants who provide you the advice you need to ensure your IT system is up to date, aligns with your business needs, and functions 24/7. They will work to keep your IT costs down, implement innovative solutions to increase your productivity, and ensure your IT system runs at peak performance. 

CopperTree’s main goal is to help your business use cost-effective IT solutions to compete and grow.

With CopperTree As Your Kitchener/Waterloo IT Specialists & Network Consultants, You Can:

  • Complete projects and achieve desired results without the costly payroll expense associated with educating employees to stay current with certifications and trends.
  • Increase your overall business productivity by optimizing the use of your current IT equipment and operations.
  • Improve the quality and efficiencies of your operational IT processes by avoiding common errors.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary steps and avoiding trial-and-error tactics.

IT is an aspect of business management that is constantly changing.  Antivirus and anti-spam solutions, software, computer and networking hardware, along with cloud computing services seem to change every month that goes by.  Only experts like those at CopperTree can keep up with, and thoroughly understand these changes, plus provide the IT solutions your business needs to succeed.

For a free, no-obligation IT Assessment, or to learn more, contact the Network Consultants at CopperTree in Ontario at: (519) 804-2461 Colin.Shantz@ctsol.ca

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