IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Robust IT Infrastructure

By implementing industry best practices and proactive solutions, CopperTree Solutions ensures that your organization has a robust IT infrastructure. With the proper processes and tools in place, you can:

  • Know your system is protected
  • Increase productivity
  • Focus on the growth of your business
  • Worry less about your IT
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CopperTree’s team of experts will monitor your physical hardware infrastructure regularly to ensure everything is working as expected. We periodically assess your hardware systems, identify areas of risk, and maintain an action list that feeds into your overall IT strategy and roadmap.

With CopperTree, you will benefit from:

  • A sturdy, functioning infrastructure
  • Regular reports about the health of systems that support effective budgeting
  • Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), including upgrade deployments as needed
  • Professional-grade equipment
  • Back-up and disaster recovery


If you are like most companies, your front, and back-office software applications are the heart of your operations. Unfortunately, keeping them all maintained and aligned with your business strategy can be a daunting challenge.

With fully-managed solutions from CopperTree, you’ll gain regular monitoring and proactive application maintenance so that you can:

  • Reap the full benefits of your current applications.
  • Gain added value to your applications.
  • Gain peace of mind — knowing that our proactive approach encompasses your applications’ full life cycle, so they evolve as your business does.
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Our managed IT services include around-the-clock monitoring and management of intrusion detection, firewall installation, and the overseeing of patch management and upgrades. We protect your data from malware and ransomware and perform regular security assessments and audits. In case of any emergency, we respond quickly with timely resolution.

CopperTree’s security measures cover:

  • Viruses and Malicious Software: Spam filtering and multiple virus protection solutions unite to block threats.
  • Worms and Email Loopholes: We provide comprehensive protection tools that eliminate threats before they enter your network.
  • Phishing and Spam: Our solution blacklists websites and spam before they reach your email address.
  • Email and Web Content Filtering: Our filtering tools uphold your business code of conduct through content filtering that will prevent inappropriate Internet usage during work hours and prevent access to sites known to contain viruses and malware.

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Cloud Services

Companies are increasingly migrating their IT systems to the cloud to get rid of expensive physical infrastructure and increase access to applications. We understand there may be some hesitation to move your data to the cloud. Whether your data is on-premises, entirely in the cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment, you can be confident that we’ll manage your cloud infrastructure to best practices. Your data will be protected, private, and secure.

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Microsoft Office 365 Support

The outbreak of COVID-19 has amplified the importance of having practical tools in place that allow employees to work from anywhere using their favorite devices. Office 365 is the world’s most widely used IT solution, providing:

  • The ability to work across multiple devices, creating a seamless work setting between home and office
  • Calendar syncing
  • Voice, video, chat solutions using Skype for business
  • Conferencing, video, collaboration using Microsoft Teams
  • Office Suite, Outlook and OneNote.
  • Built-in anti-virus and spam support
  • Internal and external file sharing
  • The capacity to work smarter―not harder!

CopperTree will help you to optimize Office 365 and build a more productive and efficient working environment, no matter where you are.

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