The CopperTree Difference

The CopperTree Difference

We know that evaluating outsourced IT service providers can be difficult. There are different types of providers with different approaches to how they serve their clients:

Individual IT Technicians
Individual IT technicians specialize in one or several areas of IT.  They may be individuals between full-time positions or they may be full-time proprietorships. They can provide needed services, but as individual contributors, they can lack the breadth of skills and team to resolve the wide variety of today’s IT challenges.

IT Service Desks
IT Service Desks (break-fix support).  IT Service Desks provide remote monitoring and fix issues when they arise. IT Service Desks for emergency IT support often charge on a per-incident basis and often provide most of their services remotely.

IT Business Solutions Consultants
Consultants and Integrators typically engage and charge on a project-by-project basis. They focus on optimizing business processes, and designing and deploying new infrastructure. Once they have completed implementation, they may provide support with a system-specific service agreement.

IT Managed Service Providers
IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) take on operational responsibility for managing the whole IT infrastructure for a fixed monthly fee. Unlike service desks, IT MSPs provide more proactive management of the IT environment.

Professional IT Support Managed Service Provider

Professional Outsourced IT Support

Fractional CIOs and Virtual CIOs are IT executives who act as management team members on an interim or part-time basis. They focus on strategy and oversight and provide executive leadership that might otherwise be too costly to obtain on a full-time basis. They generally do not handle IT operations, security, application, and infrastructure support directly.

CopperTree Solutions is the only outsourced IT Support and Managed Service Provider in Southern Ontario that delivers measurable value to small and medium sized businesses. We measure and score our client’s IT health versus industry best practices, proactively implement improvements, and then regularly measure and score results. We support each of our clients with a virtual CIO (vCIO) who regularly meets on-premises to provide oversight. And, we don’t believe in long-term contracts that lock-in our clients. We are accountable for delivering, measuring, and proving our value.

Outsourced IT Service Providers; Who Does What

IT Service Providers In House IT Support Staff Services Support Staff IT Support Desks IT Integrators IT Managed Services Fractional CIOs CopperTree Solutions
Technical assessments vs. business requirements    
CIO-level strategic roadmap planning      
Monthly, on-site operational reviews with a virtual CIO        
Multi-level staff (CIO, IT operations, hardware, software, business applications)      
Quantitative scoring of IT infrastructure (Technical Alignment Benchmark)          
Ongoing Technical Alignment scoring, and continual, active improvement          
IT project management *  
IT project execution      
Internal training *   * *
End-to-end IT systems monitoring      
Patch Management      
Anti-Virus *      
Anti-Malware *      
Backup & Disaster Recovery *      
Cloud Services       *  
Proactive issue remediation       *  
Break-fix issue remediation    
Ticketing via internal admin    
Direct end-user ticketing * *   *  
Vendor management        
Ongoing productivity and risk-reduction recommendations       *
Continual, measurable reduction in reactive problems       *  


✓ = Provided
* = Sometimes Provided

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