IT Strategy Consulting

IT Strategy Consulting

We provide IT Strategy Consulting for small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario, Canada. Developing and executing on the right IT strategy is a critical part of long-term success. You don’t want to spend thousands investing in a technology or process only to find that it won’t scale with your needs. We are experts in understanding technology, the future of technology, and how to set up your IT environment so that it will scale with you and meet your needs both now and in the future.

IT Assessment

Our IT consulting strategy begins with a high quality assessment. We compare your environment against industry benchmarks, understand your business requirements, and develop a roadmap for improvement and long-term success.

We will assess your current IT environment including computer hardware, network equipment, front and back-office systems, and current IT processes measuring over 100 criteria against industry best practices. Our experts will develop a quantified baseline measurement of your current IT health and preparedness (CopperTree’s Technical Alignment Score (TScore) ), and identify any gaps to resolve to improve that score over time.

IT Strategy chart.

IT Strategy Roadmap

Our process includes providing you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) who will collaborate with your leadership team and map your business goals to a specific, customized IT Strategy and roadmap.  Your vCIO will align with your staff on an approach that will:

  • Makes your business more efficient
  • Improve budget planning
  • Help with project implementation
  • Provide Asset Life Management
  • Offer protection and security
  • Utilize best practices
  • Include back-up and disaster recovery

Our IT strategy will outline your current state, your targeted future state, the gaps to be resolved, and a detailed plan for how CopperTree will proactively manage and support your company.  The tactics outlined to achieve your IT strategy are measurable as key performance indicators:

  • A key performance indicator that measures the current situation
  • A plan of attack with milestones
  • Expected outcomes
  • A process to quantifiably measure and track improvements and benefits over time

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