Who is CopperTree?

Who is CopperTree?

Colin Shantz-CopperTree Team Headshot

Colin Shantz

Colin Shantz founded CopperTree Solutions in 2013 and leads business development and technology innovation. Prior to CopperTree, Colin was President at WireQ, Inc., a systems integration business that provided IT Services, VOIP Solutions, and other IT infrastructure to companies in Ontario, Canada. He began his career when he started his first consulting and project management company at 18 years old. From the time he first got his hands on a computer, Colin has been intrigued by technology and its possibilities. That interest developed into a passion for helping companies use technology to drive business success.
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Matthew Hutchinson

VP of Operations
Matthew has been both the architect and customer of complex information systems. This overlap has given him a unique perspective about the ways technology can be applied within organizations. As our VP of Operations Matthew guides our team's decisions by combining his keen understanding of organizational processes with current IT technology. With a strong focus on improving organization operations and security, Matthew is a passionate organizational problem solver who enjoys delivering success to clients leveraging both his IT and business experience.
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Graham Hardie

Business Development
Graham leads business development for CopperTree. His background includes over 20 years leading business development and sales across industry sectors as diverse as logistics, financial services, engineering, and information technology. An avid visual artist, he spends his spare time on video production and photography. Graham holds a BA in Geography and Urban Studies from York University and a diploma in Theology education from Emmaus Bible College.
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Adam Wipp

Directory of Technology
Adam developed a keen interest in computers at a young age. Now, he takes that talent and turns it toward making technology work for people. As our Director of Technology, Adam is a stickler for doing things the right way and with elegant expertise. Whether it’s the perfect (efficient and money saving) networking solution for your company, to the way the wires in your server room are colour coded and organized. Adam enjoys a great variety of outdoor and athletic activities. These range from Kickboxing to Snowboarding and Rock Climbing.
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Dennis Milohnic

In the 25 years that Dennis has worked in the IT industry, he has come to recognize that one of the keys to any business’ success, is the alignment between its technology and its organizational goals. Not satisfied with just practical experience, Dennis has recently completed his Master of Business Administration from the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. As vCIO, Dennis will work with each client to determine how best technology can meet their needs that is both cost effective and aligns with IT best practices.
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Darren Huber

Darren came from a manufacturing background. With 10 years of experience in a financial role. He was in in charge of expenses and management task for an internally developed managed software. This role gave him huge exposure and involvement in IT. Darren recognizes needs and tailors solutions based on the issue faced. Being able to pay attention to details is a key strength in his role as a vCIO alongside with being persistent and not giving up till something is fixed. Darren's mission is to take ownership of a companies' network and keep them up to speed within the tech world. In his spare time you can find him creating complex Spreadsheets or enjoying his lovely puppies' company.
Tanya Antaya-CopperTree Team Headshot

Tanya Antaya

Office Manager
Tanya is our Office Manager with over 20+ years of management experience in our community. She realized early in her career that putting customers first is the most important part when building a positive relationship with our clients. Tanya is responsible for: accounting, invoicing, procurement, event planning, executive assistant duties, administrative support and other office management duties. After hours, Tanya can be found road or mountain biking for a challenge, kayaking on summer days, and skiing in the winter time.
Melynda Hutchinson-CopperTree Team Headshot

Melynda Hutchinson

Professional Services Manager
Melynda is our professional services manager with over 16 years of IT experience in software engineering, application Business Analysis and development, Integration, and data systems support. She has a proven record of delivering quality projects on time while balancing business objectives and customer needs. Melynda displays strong leadership skills in guiding teams through challenging projects that align with strategic goals.
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Colin Nikel

Technical Alignment Manager
Colin is our Technical Alignment Manager, meaning he oversees all technical alignment implementation at our client's location. With over 10 years of IT experience, Colin is very well versed in the technicalities and is known to solve complex issues with minimal down time. Playing a key role within our team, his years of expertise within the industry helps deliver top quality service on site for our clients. After hours you can find Colin at a golf club with a couple of his friends enjoying the calming nature and when winter hits you will find him in a hockey rink.
Mario Svalina-CopperTree Team Headshot

Mario Svalina

Service Desk Manager
Mario is an Ambitious, motivated, and results-focused top-tier engineer with over 20 years’ experience within the IT industry. Showcasing a forward-focused mindset Mario is dedicated to leading and inspiring teams, building robust professional relationships and remaining ahead of industry trends and changes. As our Support Team Lead, Mario implements support strategy with his team and makes sure that our clients issues are resolved with exceptional service.
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We believe that our culture – the way we interact with our clients and with one another – increases the value that we bring to our clients. We strive to hire and foster exceptionally skilled staff who have characteristics that make us easy to work with.

We own our mistakes and stand behind what we do. Honesty drives us to do the right thing no matter the consequences.
We are proactive doers and thinkers, continuously learning and seeking growth. We are self-motivated to move the needle and never satisfied with the statues quo. Taking the initiative, we go above and beyond.
We do what we say we are going to do.
We are generous with our time and energy in helping our coworkers and clients succeed.
We focus on the greater good and put aside our egos. We sincerely appreciate each other's skills and strengths.
People Smarts
We are aware and perceptive. We actively listen, ask thoughtful, relevant questions and respond effectively.
Positive Attitude
We exude positive energy, we believe there is always a way, and everything is possible.



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