Why CopperTree – IT Support Solutions

Why CopperTree – IT Support Solutions

IT Improves Your Business

Our new clients often come to us from other providers after one or more disruptions leave them asking, “how could this happen?”

  • Security breaches, malware attacks, and other business disruptions
  • Loss of critical business information
  • IT support providers who pass the buck between vendors
  • Rising, unpredictable support costs

They tell us that their providers fix issues when they happen, but don’t think about how IT can genuinely improve the business – that is — unless it involves buying some new product that they happen to sell. Coming in, our clients usually have no real strategic plan or roadmap, and they often get hit with unplanned IT expenses that result from the next unexpected issue. Worse yet, nobody seems to take total ownership of solving problems. So, the internal staff keeps spending more and more time trying to intermediate.

CopperTree’s mission is simply to make your IT a utility that adds value to your business. Our approach is rooted in proactive management, constant improvement, and managing your infrastructure in a way that ties directly into your real business needs over time. Our process focuses on four key things:

IT strategy chart.
  • Defining a roadmap. We work with you to build a strategy that plans for how IT must serve your business today and how you want to improve that to meet future business goals.
  • Proactively managing infrastructure. We don’t wait for problems.  We work to improve your network and other infrastructure to meet best practices over time and continually improve.
  • Providing Virtual CIO (vCIO) Support. We provide regular, on-site consultation with an experienced virtual CIO who collaborates with your leadership, manages to the roadmap and oversees your IT needs.
  • Efficient Issue Resolution. We provide remote and on-site service, training, and issue resolution. But, what sets CopperTree apart from the others is our unique, KPI-based approach to managed services that reduces your need for IT support tickets over time.  We know that our clients need Information Technology that serves their business needs and operates with the stability of a utility – always-on, efficient, and stable.